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Are you playing the growth game

Are you playing in the growth game?

Are you playing in the growth game?

What’s your business growth looking like and where were you 12 months ago compared to today?

If you haven’t given it much thought it is probably because you’re always stuck in the day-to-day operations. But it is worth spending some dedicated time to do some reflecting and planning.

Growth doesn’t need to mean more risk, more hours and more headaches. To be successful, you first need to identify where the opportunities for growth are in your business and industry. Then establish what you and your team are going to have to do in order to maximise these opportunities – and navigate the likely obstacles you’re going to have to climb over.

Here are a couple of tips to get you thinking about growth:

Do an audit to document your growth over time

Analyse all the information you have to understand how you got to where you are right now. This will help you to plan for future growth.

Put a one page plan together

Include the big objectives and what you’ll realistically need to do in order to achieve them. (identify the tasks and people)

Establish some key performance indicators

Keep the momentum up and visit these regularly to ensure you’re on track.

As a business owner, it’s really tempting to try and do it alone, but you can get bogged down in the demands of day-to-day business. The truth is that you need to take time out of the business to get some much needed perspective. We can help build your business plan and identify the steps you’ll need to achieve it.

Business growth can be perceived as something scary, but when you have a plan and it’s done right, it can be empowering and rewarding.

With a bit of planning, the right systems, people and resources, there is tremendous opportunity to grow and scale your business to the next level to hit your growth targets.

We can help you get started.

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egain control of your business

Regain control of your business

Regain control of your business

Not all business owners want to grow their business. Some may just want more control. After all, your business is there to serve you; you shouldn’t be a slave to it. So, how do you regain that much needed control?

There are three essential tools all businesses must have:

  1. An annual Business Plan.
  2. An annual forecast.
  3. Ongoing reporting and accountability.
The annual Business Plan​

Your Business Plan shouldn’t be a lengthy document living in a dusty drawer. It should be on one page and displayed somewhere highly visible so you can review it regularly.

Best developed using an independent facilitator, your Business Plan should articulate exactly what you want from your business; the hours you want to work, the holidays you want to take, and the income you need.

You’ll identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor, vulnerabilities to manage, and opportunities to act upon. You’ll set no more than four key goals for the year, breaking these down into quarterly goals with clear actions to complete in order to achieve them.

The annual forecast

Your forecast will record how cash must flow throughout the year to give you what you want from your business. Too often business owners only create a forecast because the bank has requested one.

The forecast will highlight your business's weaknesses, when cashflow problems might arise, and how you need to manage your business financially to achieve the goals in your Business Plan. Don’t wait for your bank to request a forecast; it’s an essential tool to ensure the success of your business every year.

Ongoing reporting and accountability

The value lies in the implementation of your Business Plan and annual forecast. Constantly reviewing your progress against your targets is crucial. Ongoing reporting allows you to track actual results against your forecast to ensure progress towards your goals.

The best way to ensure you don’t fail to implement the plan is to be held accountable by someone independent. Every business owner needs a coach. A great coach will work with you to get a result better than you could achieve on your own. They’ll uncover the root causes of problems in your business and empower you to do better. Most importantly, they’ll hold you accountable to getting the important stuff done.

There are no magic bullets to business success. All businesses need these three tools.

Get in touch to discuss how we can work together - to help you regain control of your business.

“Dreams x Goals x Plans x Actions = Your success” - Brad Sugars

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be do have

Be, Do, Have

Be, Do, Have

Our success in life depends largely on our mindset. Those who wait until conditions are perfect are unlikely to achieve their goals as they’re always waiting for the right time and never take that first step.

There are three small words whose order can heavily influence the outcomes we achieve: be, do, and have.

After deciding on your goals, the next step is to consider who you need to be in order to achieve your goals, rather than what you need to do.

Compare the following sentences:

“When I have a more profitable business, I’ll do great things with my family and be a great partner and parent… first I need to work a bit harder to sort out my business and finish these projects, then everything will fall into place.”

“In order to be a great partner and parent, I need to work smarter so I can have more time with my family.”

Now, if this resonates with you, how can you work smarter?

When you focus on who you need to be first, you’ll start to prioritise doing things in a way which is consistent with that role. The things you’ll have as a result become the bi-product of who you are. In contrast, if we wait to achieve what we think we must have in order to be a better person, we risk never changing our habits.

So, who do you really want to be?

Start being that person today. Think like that person, speak like that person, and act like that person.

Let the be drive what you do from now on. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll get what you want (the have).

Do you need perspective on how you can work smarter? We can help!

“You’ve got to be before you can do, and do before you can have.” - Zig Ziglar

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looking after yourself - a walking meeting

Looking after yourself as a small business owner

Looking after yourself as a small business owner?

As a small business owner, do you find looking after yourself a challenge?

Owning and working in a small business can eat up all your spare time. Exercise or time for yourself is often the first thing that is abandoned to fit in the many other things you have to do in a day. And while many of us finish the year with lofty goals for exercise in the new year, these lofty goals can be hard to achieve.

Is this you?

Here’s an idea… 

Instead of setting goals that are vague and big, set smaller more specific goals that are much easier to achieve.

Make a point of getting outside every single day and getting ‘a little’ exercise. It doesn’t have to be a gym membership, a bootcamp or going running.

Even just a walk around the block will be a step in the right direction!

A study in the journal Preventive Medicine found that just by minimising sedentary activities, and replacing some of them with light-intensity activities can achieve benefits for your health.

Easy actions

So start small and stick to it. Soon you’ll be benefiting from the short time away from work, more time to think, and the fresh air.

  • Start walking - Walking has multiple health benefits both physical and mental. Find out about walking groups in your area or join a friend a couple of days a week.
  • Take the stairs rather than the lift - When the option is there to take the stairs, use them.
  • Replace your daily drive with a bike ride - If your exercise is part of your daily commute it becomes integrated in your day rather than another thing to achieve.
  • Walk ‘further’ to the office - if biking is not an option perhaps you could park a bit further away from the office or get off public transport one stop earlier.
  • Go out for coffee - You may not achieve it every day, but if you find a great coffee shop a couple of blocks away, you'll have a reward to look forward to.

For a healthy lifestyle, the adult recommendation is at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on five or more days per week. This will not only increase your quality of life but also your sense of wellbeing.

Fresh Start Effect

Use the Fresh Start Effect

Use the Fresh Start Effect to achieve positive change

Have you heard of the Fresh Start Effect?

Around the world, people usually start each new year by setting goals and making positive changes. 

The reason that the new year can be such a great time to make changes is that the date provides a clear ‘temporal landmark’. Temporal landmarks give us an opportunity to step back, survey our lives and figure out what things we’d like to tweak.

At new year, we set goals to harness the energy of a resolution and create what’s known as the Fresh Start Effect.

It is important, however, to make sure that you understand what you’re trying to achieve, and create goals that are more likely to succeed.

Making changes or starting something new is easier with these techniques:

Making a public commitment

Announce your new goal on social media. If your friends and family get behind your goal, you’re more likely to be accountable and more likely to succeed.

Join a group

If you want to pick up a sport, start a new hobby, or pick give something up, consider joining a group. Again, this is a great way to create accountability. If you’re worried about letting down other people, you’re more likely to commit or show up!

Be specific

When you’re setting goals, be exact. If you want to make your business more efficient, know what this means in practice. For example, implementing the right apps to help automate some of your core processes requires research about what is going to suit your business the most. Set your goal with dates and times in mind about what you're going to research and when. And put them into your calendar.

Talk to us about automation

If your Fresh Start for 2020 involves implementing automation, talk to us. We can review you business processes and identify the automation opportunities, helping you choose the best apps to drive your business efficiently.

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