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About Busy01 Consulting

The Busy01 Consulting Vision is to provide solutions to power your business. 

To achieve this, we are focused on keeping up with changing technology to make sure we are able to offer a solution for every business.

With so much data access and automation available, it means that traditional bookkeeping is changing. In particular, there have been significant advances with App AddOns.

And, that's where Busy01 Consulting comes in.

We identified app integration as an area that offers solutions for all types of businesses. 

Our team are constantly reviewing what App AddOns are available and understand what Apps deliver the best results for different businesses.

Busy01 Consulting Services

We focus on App integration and providing advice on the opportunities implementing App solutions into your business.

Renae has completed Cloud Integration Partners Certification, which means we can further assist businesses to scope process improvements and provide recommendations to help you decide on the Apps that will provide great solutions for your business.

It involves:

  • researching and understanding the different aspects of a broad range of Apps
  • providing insight and advice on the Apps that can provide solutions for your business
  • identifying opportunities to improve your business through integrating Apps

The services we offer through Busy01 Consulting will enhance the business data automation offered through First Class Accounts Ovens & Murray. We can now offer much more, for specific industries, to help you in your business.

First Class Accounts Ovens & Murray

First Class Accounts Ovens & Murray provide bookkeeping services to businesses across Australia, and is also owned and operated by Renae Pitargue. 

With over 20 years experience in the industry, the team are highly qualified, and extremely knowledgeable.

Along with the expertise of Renae, the team has access to the First Class Accounts network, Australia’s largest bookkeeping franchise. This enables them to fulfil all of your bookkeeping requirements and more.

Professional Partnerships

We maintain professional partnerships with MYOB and Reckon, and are a Xero Certified Adviser and Gold Champion Partner.

For a free, no obligation assessment, contact us to discuss how we can help your business grow and thrive.

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