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Meeting the environmental expectations of your customers

As environmental consciousness rises, small businesses in 2023 face increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint.

But going green means being able to balance your desire to run a sustainable, environmentally conscious business with the pressing need to remain economically and strategically viable.

Meeting the environmental expectations of your core customer base

Globally, 85% of consumers have become ‘greener’ in their purchasing  in recent years, driving a green sea-change in how companies large and small run their business operations.

Most consumers want to buy sustainable products and packaging. It’s a change that will take a concerted effort and strategy, but the end results will be better for the planet and your customers.

To become more sustainable:

Carry out a company-wide environmental audit

Do you know what your environmental impact is as a business? Carrying out an [environmental audit] ( helps you identify the areas where you can improve your energy consumption and waste reduction.

Look out for green partnerships

There will be plenty of other business owners wanting to become more green. So, why not collaborate with eco-friendly suppliers, vendors and partners to align your business with green, sustainable values.

Offer eco-friendly products/services

Offering environmentally responsible products or services helps you attract environmentally conscious consumers. It’s good for your brand and drives a greener reputation for your company in the marketplace.

Be more transparent about your eco credentials

Talking about sustainability and green values is important. By communicating your sustainability efforts, and being seen to drive change, you build trust and loyalty with environmentally aware customers.

Tie sustainable choices into cost-effective solutions

Choosing to implement sustainable practices can also lead to cost savings, by reducing waste and operating in a more lean way. So, the planet wins, and so does the company’s cashflow. It’s a win-win scenario.

Incorporating Apps into your business model

This is an effective way to enhance your environmental sustainability. Here’s how technology can make your operations greener:

  • Digital Efficiency: By adopting digital bookkeeping and document management apps, businesses can significantly reduce paper usage, leading to less waste and deforestation.
  • Remote Work Facilitation: Apps that enable remote working reduce carbon emissions by minimising the need for commuting. Project management and collaboration tools allow teams to work effectively from various locations, decreasing transportation-related emissions.
  • Resource Optimisation: Inventory management apps ensure that resources are utilised efficiently, cutting down on waste and improving operational efficiency.

With climate change ever more visible, there’s a real imperative for businesses of all sizes to play their part and become better, greener and more sustainable enterprises.

We’ll help you review your operational practices to find the best opportunities for choosing appropriate apps to help you cut back unnecessary waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

Get in touch to talk about your integrating Apps to support your green strategy.