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Go walking: keep you and your business healthy

Being able to run a business from a laptop is an amazing thing. But it does mean that you spend a LOT of time sitting in front of a screen not being very active.

Research shows that office workers spend 75% of their waking hours sitting down – and that’s not great for your health.

A good walk may well be the answer to this issue, with walking being a great way to get yourself fit and to add some energy to your business thinking too.

Get active and become a more effective leader

Sitting down for long periods is not healthy. That’s the undeniable truth of being a sedentary entrepreneur that spends hours each day looking at a computer screen or mobile device. Sitting down slows your metabolism, burns no calories and leaves our muscles to waste.

To make your working day more healthy:

Go for a walk every day

Whether it’s walking to your office space, or scheduling a lunchtime walk around the block, it’s important to be active. A 30-minute walk ups your step count, raises your heart rate and can burn off between 100 to 300 calories – all good things to include as part of a healthy lifestyle for the modern entrepreneur.

Arrange 'walking meetings' with staff and clients

Meetings and 1-2-1s don’t have to happen sitting on a chair. Instead, take a stroll and chat with your clients, employees or suppliers as you walk. It helps keep the conversation flowing and gets you and your attendees breathing in some fresh air and interesting scenery.

Take time to walk and think

The best ideas can appear during a walk, without the pressures of a formal office setting. Sometimes a change of location can work wonders for your thought process, especially if you turn off your devices and don’t have the distractions of the office.

Walk between meetings

Taking your car to meetings may be quicker, but why not walk between your client meetings and get yourself fitter. By walking, you're more sustainable, healthier and don't waste so much money on fuel or transport costs.

The benefits of being an active entrepreneur

Time spent walking isn’t wasted. It’s a way to keep active, to refresh your business ideas and to place a better focus on your health, wellbeing and stress levels.

If you fancy having a ‘walking meeting’ for your next catchup, we’d be delighted to stroll with you while we talk through your plans for the business. Fresh air and business advice could well be the best way to get the support and strategic tips you need.

Get in touch to book a walking meeting.