Keypay Key Features - an online payroll & workforce management tool.

Keypay Key Features

KeyPay Key Features

Automate employee pay calculations:

Create and manage your own unique set of pay rules to automate pay conditions such as penalties, allowances, overtime, and rostered days off using KeyPay’s pay conditions engine.

Manage workforce and costs:

Enhance visibility of your team across multiple locations using KeyPay’s workforce management apps and business tools. Provide real time insights into the operating costs of your business and streamline payroll processes.

Automate award calculations:

Remove manual calculations of pay conditions by installing a pre-packaged Modern Award for true automation of all pay rate calculations, allowances and leave accruals. Ensure your payroll is Fair Work compliant with KeyPay Cloud Payroll.

Single Touch Payroll reporting:

Automatically and securely report payroll information to the ATO.

Employee self service:

Empower your employees to maintain their personal details, submit leave, timesheets expenses and more.