Futrli Key Features - Integrated forecasting & reporting for small business

Futrli Key Features

Futrli Key Features

Cashflow tool:

Flow Pro uses AI to analyse your cash flow history, quickly generating insights about your invoicing and expense history. When you understand your cash flow trends, you’ll better understand your customers, suppliers and business.

Predicted payment dates:

Every customer invoice you create will show an AI-predicted payment date in Flow Pro based on that customer’s past activity. With realistic expectations, you can be proactive to prevent late payers and understand how they impact your cash flow.

Customer data translator:

Flow Pro analyses data and tracks trends, then extracts usable customer information that gives you insights into their past, present and future behaviour. 

Credit control:

Get a clear view of what’s owing to you. Flow In acts your credit controller, showing you the most important information about outstanding customer payments.


Flow Pro creates a truly smart workspace that makes it easy to share insights or ask questions.